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Friday Stream

Don’t forget that tonight over on Twitch, Noomi will be streaming Cyberpunk 2077. Why not join her for another epic look into the wild life of Night City. Join her at Twitch.tv/tncoffeedig

Streaming Friday

Don’t forget to join Noomi tonight at 7pm BST till 9pm BST to experience the next chapter in the life of V, a street kid from Night City. After loosing her best friend, she has found herself with another personality embedded in her brain from a faulty Biochip. She must now work out how to […]

Friday Streaming

Hello everyone, don’t forget that tonight we are dipping our toes back into Night City for another episode in the on going Drama that is Cyberpunk 2077. Our fabulous host, Noomi, will be your guide through the ups and downs of a troubled Street Kid. After being left for dead after a heist gone wrong, […]

Cyberpunk 2077

Don’t forget to tune in Friday evenings at 7pm BST to see the latest chapter in the ongoing adventures of Noomi, as she navigates her way through the ever dangerous Night City. We are streaming at www.twitch.tv/tncoffeedig why not come along and join the fun! Parental guidance for violence and strong language.