Friday Update

Greetings fellow Diggers! It’s Friday and I’m back at DIG HQ with a slew of updates and news. Most of you should know that we took some time off to go and explore Devon, we had a wonderfully long weekend and were completely exhausted by the time we got home.

Yesterday I spent time updating the site and refining some of the pages. Although I still feel that there is work to do on the layout and content of the site, I think I’m getting it to a point I’m happy with. Can you see what’s changed?

We now have a functional Discord server that can be joined using this link – DISCORD. There is still work to do on the layout and content of the server, but I feel that the general layout is satisfactory for now. If you have any suggestions for this site or any aspect of DIG, please feel free to contact us by email or via the discord server.

There hasn’t been much in the way of streaming this week due to the team being away, but we’re back full force tonight with Noomi’s Cyberpunk 2077 over on Twitch (7pm – 9pm BST), tonight she will playing directly from the Chromecast Ultra and official controller (which you can pick up for free if you buy a game from Stadia for £49.99 or over).

Monday we will back in ESO with Jess

This will be the last call out for the TTRPG game that will be run online, if I already have your details I will contact you soon to confirm participation. Next Friday will be the cut-off point for applying to join. (I’ll be putting this information out as a separate post)

Keep your eyes on the horizon, dice ready to roll and your favourite control pad by your side


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