Friday Update 08/10

Good morning Diggers! It’s Friday and time I did a bit of an update, where do we start?

Firstly, we have a new Discord Server Team Member (really need a better name for that! Suggestions on a postcard). The love Angel Fox has kindly agreed to join our hallowed ranks and is ready to pitch in! So please stop by and say hi to her, use our Server Invite to join us.

There’s been some minor changes to the site and server, some background tinkering and magic. Things to help the site run that little bit better, and make things a little easier to find.

As I said last week, this is the last day to register your interest to participate in the TTORPG. After today we will be moving forward with the plan and making sure we are ready to play through the month of November.

I will be putting out some more information about this later today, with updated information and an extended deadline, sorry for any confusion.

We’ve been very focused on the digital side of DIG and I really don’t want folks to feel that is all we’re about. We will be moving forward with the DIG Island Podcast and have the lovely Aranel Jess lined up for our first DIP Into.

Keep your eyes on the Discord server and the socials for news, views and general fun.

Keep on Digging


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