The Dig Tabletop Online Role Playing Game or DIG TORPG, is in the final stages of preparation. This is going to be the final call out to people wishing to participate in a short (four game sessions) RPG.

Anyone interested in playing needs to put their name forward by End of Friday 8th October 2021. The game will run through the month of November (day and time to be confirmed) each session will be approximately 2 hours in duration and will take part in a private chat room on the discord server. There will be at least one pre session, to discuss the game and what is expected of the players, and to create the characters.

I look forward to joining you as Gamemaster in the troubled lands of Taykiln. If interested contact a member of staff on the Discord server, leave a message below, contact @noomoid on Twitter or email info@tncoffeedig.com.

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