What is DIG?

DIG is Diverse and Inclusive Gaming. Our mission is to create safe space for gamers, to bring together people from around the globe and to introduce them to each other. We aim to help create in game groups, assist with your gaming needs and to make sure that you feel enabled to feel comfortable whilst gaming.

We cover multiple platforms, genres and playstyles. We play both on and offline, digital and physical. We believe that your hobby should not be limited by who you are.

We work within the LGBTQ+ community and we are proudly patnered with www.TnCoffeeLGBT.com

The Team

The team consists of a small team volunteers who help out in the variety of organisational activities. We are only a small team of gamers and we are dedicated to the ethos of DIG.

The team is lead by Noomi, the founder of DIG, with Jess and Vicky as her trusted advisors and guinea pigs. DIG is always looking to expand and is on the look out for enthusiastic members.

Gaming Is For Everyone

We believe that no matter who you are, where you are from and your ability to play should never impede your right to gaming. We encourage diversity, inclusion, fair play, learning through gaming, and creating safe spaces for people to play.

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